Day 5 – Jan 13th 2017

7am, waking up in the morning…


Rebecca Black day today. How much longer do I need to wait for boots. I’ve been over a month, and still haven’t received them. James told me they would be arriving today from the place he usually get them from, but nothing so far. Best part is the factory floor is still a little wet and I’m having to walk through it. Lucky fucking me.

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Day 4 – Jan 12th 2017


I work with heavy machinery, so my job has a zero tolerance on alcohol in the work place…unless of course your name is Andrew, which mean you can just show up to work pissed and hung over whenever you want. Now, considering Andrew is an alcoholic and has been homeless twice in his time working here, the number one rule has always been, NO ALCOHOL AT WORK. So Thursday morning James rocks up to work with a plastic bag filled with beer bottles and cans for Andrew. Not joking at all. 7am and Andrew is dying to down a few beers.

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Day 3 – Jan 11th 2017

Click click click click…

Wednesday. Hump day. I think I could’ve killed someone today. I was close to doing it. Anna walked into work, late and sat at her desk. I gave her almost two hours before deciding to bring up the pay slips, or lack there of, and was quickly told they weren’t in the system yet. Going on three weeks and still nothing. I asked her to print them in December, and she forgot. I mean she was busy in that last day eating and talking about her second business. My bad, cunt, I won’t bother you again when it comes to doing work.

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Day 2 – Jan 10th 2017

I guess I need to come up one something new to fit here every day now…

Second day back, and already I’m at zero fucks given about anything happening at work. I have that false face on where I’m all positive and cheery about everyone and everything, but quite frankly I could care less about the bullshit I know I will have to deal with.

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