Day 5 – Jan 13th 2017

7am, waking up in the morning…


Rebecca Black day today. How much longer do I need to wait for boots. I’ve been over a month, and still haven’t received them. James told me they would be arriving today from the place he usually get them from, but nothing so far. Best part is the factory floor is still a little wet and I’m having to walk through it. Lucky fucking me.

Sensing I was pissed off about something, James came over and told me to cheer up because Joe wants to discuss our CPI today before lunch. I must admit, I’m slightly excited to hear what he has to say. But that doesn’t last. When we finally have the meeting, I find out the CPI ended up dropping from 3.5% to 1.3%. Joe said he fought for an increase and managed to get 2%. Wow, now I can finally afford that chocolate I’ve always wanted. Fuck off.

Worst part of it all is Joe kept telling us we had a great year in 2016 and made profit, but all we get is 2%.

Joe then says along with interviews next week for a position in the office, like these lazy cunts need anymore workers, he will be giving us performance reviews on Wednesday or Thursday. Can’t wait for that. I’ll be speaking my mind. As we leave, Anna pipes up saying ‘thanks guys’ like she runs the fucking company. She’s lucky I didn’t punch her face in the keyboard and drop the mouse down her throat.

James can again see I’m not happy, and tells me he’s only getting a 50 cent increase. Bitch please, I know you’re hourly rate and you’re not on $25 an hour. Don’t try to make me feel better you lying sake of shit. Go inject yourself with steroids and fuck yourself.

Needless to say I’m mighty upset.

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