Day 4 – Jan 12th 2017



I work with heavy machinery, so my job has a zero tolerance on alcohol in the work place…unless of course your name is Andrew, which mean you can just show up to work pissed and hung over whenever you want. Now, considering Andrew is an alcoholic and has been homeless twice in his time working here, the number one rule has always been, NO ALCOHOL AT WORK. So Thursday morning James rocks up to work with a plastic bag filled with beer bottles and cans for Andrew. Not joking at all. 7am and Andrew is dying to down a few beers.

James tells him not to drink during work but to save them for after work. Obviously we all know this won’t happen and laugh when Andrew pretends to drink a beer. Now lets just get this out in the open. Fucking James, you idiot. You bring alcohol into work and tell the alcoholic not to drink it. It would be like me giving a bag of heroin to a junkie and telling him to save it for later. Fuck off. James is the foreman/production manager and he is bringing alcohol onto the work site for Andrew.

Anyway, while getting changed, Joe calls James who is pissed off already because water leaked over the floor next door. Now of course he looks directly at me, not to blame me, and says to clean to up. Heres the thing though, if I leave the water on the factory floor, it will mostly dry up throughout the day from the heat. Summer means hot days. No one uses the factory and the water has stopped leaking, so there is little reason to rush over there. And if I go over there to clean it up, actual work that I’m being taken away from doesn’t get done. No one bothers to cover me when I’m off, so it makes me fall behind and then has been rushing to meet deadlines. Yet James wants it done and thinks my idea is silly. So fuck me, right?!

If you treated me nice I’ll be nice in return, but piss me off and I slow right fucking down at work. So what should’ve taken an hour, I stretched out to three hours. James calls me back though because, as I predicted, the work I was taken away from is being collected shortly. No need to say I told you so, because the look on his face said it all.

Lunch arrives and Andrew passes me on my way to the lunch room. He goes 30 minutes before me. As a joke he tells me the beer was nice and walks off. I laugh too thinking it’s a joke, but when I’m in the lunch room, I see a fresh beer can in the bin. I finish lunch and even James knows about it. We all laugh about it, to the point where internally I’m dying. I’m begging for a work place accident to happen so I can just scream about the beer consumed. I wish for it, but it doesn’t happen.

I speak with Anna again today about my pay slips. Still waiting. This time I demand she contact Simon about them. I want them tomorrow and no later than that. Anna tells me another girl is starting Monday to take care of the pays, yet all I can think of is her running her fucking business during work hours you. Paying an extra wage so this slob can work 60% of her time on her own shit. Sick of it. I tell her to tell Simon I’m pissed off again.

Not long after, Anna calls me and says Simon apologises for the delay and I will have them printed out today. One problem solved.

James walks up to me later on regarding a conversation he had with Joe. Apparently Anna told Joe I was pissed off. He asked how I was and then said I have a performance review at 3:45pm. This was of course relayed to me via James from Joe. Spineless. I’m waiting for the review though because I have a few things to say to Joe myself. It doesn’t arrive like promised instead, Joe catches me walking around and hands me a slip of paper. He wants me to work in the laboratory by doing a training course. A single day of 8 hours. You must be fucking shitting me.

I did a two-day, 16 hours, training course for first aid. Yet a lab course is only 8 hours. What that tells me is that if someone injures themselves in a lab accident, I’ll be able to look after them easily, but I’ll probably also be the one that caused the lab accident to begin with. My point is, a single day course is no way near long enough to train me up.

As I get back to the change room, it gets even better. Andrew and James are laughing. When I see the reason why, my mouth drops. It is 30 minutes before our finish times and Andrew has polished off two beers while I was closing up. James managed to snapchat Andrew drinking and laughing about it. He then handed Andrew the final beer and told him to enjoy. After I pointed out how wrong it is, James changed his tune and eventually said Andrew probably shouldn’t be drinking in front of him. We left, and Andrew headed off for the bottle shop.

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