Day 3 – Jan 11th 2017

Click click click click…


Wednesday. Hump day. I think I could’ve killed someone today. I was close to doing it. Anna walked into work, late and sat at her desk. I gave her almost two hours before deciding to bring up the pay slips, or lack there of, and was quickly told they weren’t in the system yet. Going on three weeks and still nothing. I asked her to print them in December, and she forgot. I mean she was busy in that last day eating and talking about her second business. My bad, cunt, I won’t bother you again when it comes to doing work.

Anna finally got around to giving me a reason for the lack of pay slips, turns out the co-owner Simon* hadn’t processed mine yet. And I don’t kid around here, James had come out to me and said he got his pay slips via email and printed out. Yet mine are not ready. Just mine. Out of all the people who work here, me. I must have a fucking target on my head “don’t help this prick” is what theĀ universe is telling everyone.

*Simon is fucked. He is in charge of finances but doesn’t realise his business partner is ripping him off. He actually can’t see it. They both hate each other, Simon and Joe, but at least Simon is honest about it. Simon also happens to be a racist cunt and bigot. He doesn’t care about anything other than money, and although he claims to be intelligent, he’s just as dumb as anyone else I know. Thankfully he doesn’t live local, so I only have to put up with him at work for maybe five days a year.

It was 2:30pm when I hit breaking point. I stormed into the office and saw Anna looking up eBay and gumtree for more things to do with her personal business. And again was told nothing had been processed. James got his over 6 hours ago, but not me. One a side note, the CPI mentioned yesterday went from 3.5% down to 3%. Either Joe has no memory or James is a lying cunt. Either way, someone is being a prick about it. Joe also mention needing to wait for paperwork to be finalised and then CPI would be done. Again, 3% wouldn’t be anywhere near what I’m hoping for, especially considering what others get paid*. Even Andrew who does the same job as me, he gets more and still complains. Then again, the cunt complains about everything and blows his money on alcohol, smokes and gambling.

*My work is that fucked up, that Anna accidentally gave me everyone’s pay slips a few months back. She handed me mine inside an envelope and inside was everyone slips. Anna didn’t do this on purpose, and although I knew I should’ve done something about it…I took a photo and stored it in a safe place. I had a feeling it would come in handy. Besides, I love knowing that even though I work the hardest, my pay is rewarded by being the least paid. Thanks Universe, and thank you Joe.

Before leaving for the day, I spoke with Anna again. She had that look of death on her face, I told her I want my pay slips by tomorrow and before she opened her fucking mouth, I said to bust Simon’s balls. Tell him how pissed off I am and tell him I want them asap. I then walked out and drove home. Fuck these people. Shits me that overtime was paid late*. Shits me that I’m the only person waiting on pay slips and makes me want to hurt someone when I see Anna coming in late and not even working. Worst of it all, she is never told off about it and she thinks she’s running the show. Just get fucked your diseased animal.

*We even spoke about the overtime payments. Simon and myself that is. He asked if I was happy with monthly payments as going weekly would mean having to pay another person to do it. I specifically told Simon as long as we don’t have to wait more than a day after a month ends, I’m happy to keep it monthly. But that fucker has never kept to that, and me being the easy-going person I am, I just continued to let him get away with it.

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