Day 2 – Jan 10th 2017

I guess I need to come up one something new to fit here every day now…


Second day back, and already I’m at zero fucks given about anything happening at work. I have that false face on where I’m all positive and cheery about everyone and everything, but quite frankly I could care less about the bullshit I know I will have to deal with.

Every year since working at this place, Christmas break has been fun with the hard work from the previous 12 month rewarded with a small increase in pay, and tiny bonus. Now I’m not asking for anything massive, but even a few paid days off instead of using our annual leave would be appreciated. But this year, nothing. A small BBQ to thank us, but nothing else. So with all that in mind James came up to me during our morning chat and said that Joe* mentioned a CPI (pay increase for you dumb fucks) of about 3.5%. Based on current wage that would put me at roughly .80 cents above where I stand now. Still way below everyone else at work, especially considering the amount of work I do compared to others. And this isn’t one of those situations where I claim to do more but in reality I just think I do. No! This is me actually doing a lot more, and still being paid less. I get the jobs no one else wants to do. That’s me, the shit you don’t want, I have to take care of.

*Joe is the co-owner of the company. Nice enough guy but spineless. And I mean that. He lets people walk all over him because at the end of the day, without his staff, he has no business. He treats half the staff really well giving them fuel cards and phones, and all the other benefits of being an office worker, while me and the others get fuck all. And even though I’m the one who spoke up about a pay increase a few years back, I still came out lowest paid. One side of Joe is a nice guy, the other side is Joe ripping off his own business partner. He steals stock and sells it on the side for his own gain and takes countless other things, plus even new customers. To me, that is real cunt behaviour. Even when you approach Joe about it, he claims to not have any idea and then its subject dropped. Did I mention that even though his girlfriend of many years is a lover of all things sex…apparently she loves anal, he still goes over to fuck whores at the brothels. Even takes friends/clients to those same brothels. What a lovely guy.

Andrew was back today complaining about his foot still. We asked if he got any medication, and he got angry saying he had no money and no cigarettes. So because he’s going to be moody all day, James tells Joe to go buy a few packets of smokes. So with an attitude and persistence, you too can be given whatever you want kids. No jokes, I watched on as Andrew waited outside for his packets of cigarettes to arrive. To top it off, he took an hour lunch because he was moody.

What shits me though, is Andrew was given those cigarette packets for free, while I had to wait weeks for my overtime to be paid up. Thankfully I was paid overnight, but would you believe still no pay slip.

On a side note, I also asked James for new boots at the beginning of December as mine have holes, and still don’t have them. And before you ask, yes, we get boots and uniforms for free at work. I mentioned it again today to James, saying every time I step in water my socks get soaked, he looked and then said on Friday he will go get them. What a cunt. I mean, here I am without boots up to standard and the guy who has no smokes, gets them before me. Just the type of people I work for. James won’t say it, but the truth is, he will fill his car up for free on Friday, so that’s when he will grab my boots. Again, just telling me that would make me less angry about everything.

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