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A new year, a new attitude, a blog

Before anything is even said, check out the date this was published. I think you’ll find I’m a little too late to call this, a new year resolution. This is nothing like that. Fuck resolutions, because my studies show they are complete bullshit. And that study was done by me, on me over 17 years. I never stick to them. So before you call me out on that, just know that I’m not here as some sort of new year thing, I’m here to retain what little sanity I have left, or at least fill you in on all the shit I deal with while slowly spiralling down into a pit of absolute rage of bitter never ending turmoil.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben. Not my real name obviously, but I will call myself Ben for the remainder of my time on this blog. It is best that way because people I work with have me on Twitter, Facebook and many other forms of social media. So I can’t vent on those or make mention of this blog, which is why it needs to be hidden. So Ben is my name and this blog is my area to vent and spill the beans on all the lowlife shit I deal with at work.

Everything on this blog is 100% true and everyone I mention will be referred to by anĀ alias. Again, I can’t have work reading anything I write on here, so not only will they be known by an alias, but this entire blog will be hidden from my social media accounts. There will be no promoting on my end, and as such, I expect only about one or two people to read this.


I’m simply here to get this shit off my chest. I’m hoping that if I write it all down, I won’t bottle it up inside, which in turn will allow me to go about my days without the constant annoyance of not being able to tell anyone.

Again, not a New Years resolution, but at the beginning of the work year I decided to write a summary of my days at work. I wanted to keep it all written down in case I ever blew up at the boss and owner of the company, I could pass on all my notes. Not only would it justify my actions (hopefully), but also prove just how fucked up everyone else is (I’m not immune to that). Then I decided, why not put this online?

Very risky, I know. But hiding it from my social media, changing names and using initials would pose no threat. I can’t get in trouble if they can’t prove who I’m taking about.

So to backtrack slightly. You may be asking, if it’s a daily record of my time at work, why is it almost March and I still haven’t posted anything from January? Give me a fucking break. It’s been a busy few months. Plus I was trying to decided in the last two months whether it was the right choice or not to put it online. Turns out it is, and I’ll be uploading my daily summaries starting very soon.

They will begin from my first day back at work, and slowly start rolling out from there. Hopefully they catch up to present day, but I’m not one for punctuality, so enjoy them as they drop. This is Ben, signing off.

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